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NAME: Patsy Sanders
COMPANY: Embracing Your Essence

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International Image Style Expert, Master Hair Stylist, Speaker


  • Professionally trained Image Stylist in the Essence Element Typing System
  • 5 decades as a master hairstylist
  • Owned three salons
  • Member of the RUSK International Hair Design Team
  • 10 training certificates with hairstyling, makeup, and color
  • Celebrated my 50-year wedding anniversary in 2019


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As Master Hairstylist & Image Coach, Patsy elevates her clients’ looks from head to toe and from the inside out. She inspires them to embrace their essence through their own transformations. How you feel in your clothes is as important as how you look in your clothes!

Living in her element as a Fire has equally transformed her experience of showing up authentically in the world. She confidently walks through life graciously accepting compliments no matter what she is wearing. Patsy is on a mission to help other women discover the joy of living in harmony with their true authenticity by finding their own unique style through the element typing system!


Embracing Your Essence has you be seen as our most authentic, beautiful self. What you wear matters. Everyone deserves to be confident, approachable and attractive. Fashion is a look, not an age, size, name brand or price tag. Through my six-week Inspire Your Style Academy people discover their element and learn how to shop where they are the masterpiece and their inspiring style, aligned with their element becomes the frame that has them be seen, heard and valued.



What Colors You Wear Matter


Is your closet making you money or costing you money? Most people have never been taught to dress to connect and attract clients. What you wear can either make you money or cost you money. You may be hiding in plain sight. Learn 3 simple secrets to look great on Zoom and when speaking.

What you wear can either make you money or cost you money.
You may be hiding in plain sight because of how you dress.
Three simple secrets to look great on Zoom and when speaking.

1. How did you come to be an Image Consultant?
2. You say that what you wear can either make you money or cost you money. Tell me more.
3. What are your secrets to look good on Zoom?

Discussion Questions
1) What percentage of your closet do you actually wear?
2) Does your wardrobe represent you today?
3) I love (or hate) to shop because...
4) Do you feel seen as your authentic and beautiful self?



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Online Group Power Hour

“You can have anything you want, if you dress for it”

~Edith Head, Academy award winning costume designer 

Frustrated with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?

Want to be noticed when you walk into a room?

Do you stress about looking good in what you put on? 

~IF you're ready to feel confident no matter what you grab from your closet...

~IF you want your clothes to positively impact your income...

~IF you want to look amazing without wasting money...


Register to get the link for this complimentary online Group Style Power Hour with Patsy Sanders

  • We'll explore your wardrobe challenges and goals.
  • Learn secrets and tips for dressing your best
  • Discover how to save money, time, and never waste money on clothes again.

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Style Strategy Power Hour
You’ll be amazed what we can get done in an hour on Zoom.
* Talk about your challenges in building a wardrobe you love to wear
* Go through your closet with you to create some outfits with the clothes you have already
* How releasing the clothes that don’t serve you can inspire you
* Shopping ideas to find things you do need

 Regularly $97, this session is complimentary for VIPs at your event.

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