Meet Patsy

I always dreamed of being a stylist

As a little girl, I always dreamed of being a hair stylist. I actually won a scholarship to beauty college right after high school! Why? From the very beginning I've had a strong belief that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful just the way they were made. And yet, the world constantly tells us that we are not enough!

My mission is to fight that limiting belief. That's why my focus is helping women look and feel better, by working together to create a plan for your hair, makeup, and clothing. When you have that plan that helps you capture who you really are, you're free to show off your gifts and talents to the world.
Through my years as a hair stylist, I discovered my clients wanted more than just a new hairdo: they wanted to talk about fashion and shopping so they could have a complete look. That's what inspired me in the early 80’s to get trained as an image consultant in seasonal color typing.

I went through the process myself. At first I was resistant. But then when I started wearing clothes that were in my element, I noticed the dramatic difference in how people treated me. It was transformational! Every time I wore an outfit that worked with my element, people told me I looked amazing.

I'd love to do the same for you. It's such an amazing confidence booster to watch the world interact with you in a whole different way. You feel more grounded, more confident, more alive!

I love working with women of all sizes. I used to be a a size 20, but now I'm a size 6. When it comes to struggles with shopping, I've definitely been there! But now I know all the tricks for putting together a wardrobe that frames the real you - no matter what size you are and no matter what body type you have. I'm here to help you feel look and feel amazing.

Background & Credentials

  • 5 decades as a master hairstylist
  • Owned three salons
  • Member of the RUSK International Hair Design Team
  • 10 training certificates with hairstyling, makeup, and color
  • Celebrated my 50-year wedding anniversary in 2019