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Up-Level your Retreat with an Element Reveal workshop

Add my expertise to bring my Group Element Reveal to your retreat to up-level your clients' experience!

As an Int. Image Stylist coach and Master Hairstylist, I help Entrepreneurs and small business owners embrace their essence from head to toe using the power of signature colors in their wardrobe to

  • dress with impact
  • build confidence and trust with prospects and
  • elevate their influence on stage and on Zoom.

Your wardrobe plays a critical role in shaping your business and your life, so why not make it work for you?


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Be an Affiliate for Embracing Your Essence, LLC

Do you love Embracing Your Essence? Would you like to share it with others?

People make an assessment of you in the first 3-5 seconds they see you. And 50% of that is how you are dressed. What you wear does matter. Let's help your clients be more successful by looking amazing and feel totally confident so they can be seen and heard more easily in their business.

See what what Susan has to say. She's one of the coaches I work with:

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Become an Embracing Your Essence Image Stylist

Would you like to have your own image consultant business using my Embracing Your Essence system?

I can train you to do that!  

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