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What you wear affects your income, whether you get that job/client, how easily you connect with others, your ability to attract an ideal partner, and even how you perceive yourself.



Frustrated with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?

Want to be noticed when you walk into a room?

Do you stress about looking good in what you put on?

Let's explore your wardrobe challenges and goals.

Learn secrets and tips for dressing your best

Discover how to save money, time, and never waste money on clothes again! 



Group Style Power Hour - Wed, Nov. 16, 2022 @ 5:00 PM Pacific

Solve your wardrobe challenges with the magic of color


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What My Clients Are Saying...
Connie and Andy did a couples' Color Typing Session. They were both so excited they just had to give me a testimonial on the spot! Here's what they said.


For my whole life I believed there was some secret of how to dress that I felt blind to. Even with a degree in art I thought there was something I was missing. I was right! Patsy is a master at using her Embracing Your Essence process to determine the perfect shades of color and shape of the clothes I am to wear to match up with what I look best in. I am much more confident in my purchases when I go shopping and I have even texted Patsy pictures of clothes while I was shopping and got her instant input. Now, everything in my closet works together! I grab and go.
Client: Russell, SF Bay Area

I am ever so grateful I listened to my intuition and started working with Patsy before the speaking opportunities presented themselves. I took that leap of faith. I am receiving more today being camera ready and not wondering what I am going to wear.  The results has been life changing for me. Patsy has brought out my true essence.”  
— Dawna Campbell, International Speaker and Author, Bigfork, Montana

Patsy I got so much from my time with you today. So many milestones that you were probably unaware of. I looked at myself in the mirror for the first time in years and didn’t recoil. Clothes that I’m excited to wear, a new way of looking at colour and pattern. Let alone a whole new wardrobe. I want to thank you so deeply for doing all that whilst I was in the midst of some really crappy stuff with my husband. You did more for me today than my mother ever was able. Thank you. Thank you for your kindness, authenticity and integrity. ❤️❤️❤️

Client: Judy, Sacramento
I've been working with Patsy for a couple of years now. Not only is my look more me but I have an amazing closet. Any event, any time, I have the perfect outfit.
Client: Linda Basso

I feel I've defined myself for the next part of  my life. Not only has this effected my look, but it also has changed how I view life, my home, my yard, and my future. I'm ready for my new life with confidence and enthusiasm.

Client: Karen Alves
“Somehow Patsy makes clothing our bodies into a spiritual expression of who we are—inside-out. She validates our personality characteristics, and even the way we move our bodies, as an intrinsic part of our make-up. This is a profound arena to discover yourself, and play in.
It's a great feeling knowing what to try on, and what to choose out of my closet so I always feel comfortable, alive, and authentic!”
Client: Tess Sawyer

Patsy has such a genuine passion for bringing out the best in her clients, and it shows in her work.

After my session with Patsy, I decided to get to work and clean out my closet. I have now have added my Air essence pieces that feel fun, light, energized, and comfortable. Also, I no longer talk myself into choosing clothing that will end up hanging in the back of the closet. 
Client: Sandra Stewart

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