Are You Hiding in Plain Sight?

Are You Hiding In Plain Sight?

When Mary and I started talking in our consultation, she made a definitive statement on why she wanted to work with me.

She said, “I’m tired of being invisible!”

As we talked, we discovered she didn’t have the knowledge of who she was, so she could dress in alignment with her from a soul level, of who she was meant to be as her beautiful authentic self!

I had already typed her in her element. Then I shared that as an earth, her natural gifts and character traits of the element were. She instantly knew it was aligned with her and she was excited.

Since we met in person to start her program, she brought a suitcase of her favorite clothes and went through each item to see if the colors were in her beautiful fabric color palette. If they were not the best style, we chatted about why she loved that and she had great clarity of some of her preferred style is.

She was going to get her haircut that afternoon and I sent her pictures for her hairstylist to use to give her the proper style for her! She loved it and looked amazing!

Later we had a virtual meeting of her closet and made a shopping list of what she needed to add for the different lifestyles. We shopped online to help her find the best sites to check out so she could start designing the wardrobe that will make her feel her most confident and beautiful.

Then one day she was in my area, we arranged to go shopping at all the stores that I knew she could find those items she wanted to add. The best part was we hit amazing sales and she spent so much less that she might have.

Now she can go into her closet and find the perfect outfit for whatever her day holds that fits her style!

Here's what Mary had to say...

"I met Patsy at a women's event when she sat down next to me. The first thing I noticed is how FABULOUS she looked! As we got chatting during the day she shared with me what she does and I KNEW that she was the woman for me. What I liked about working with Patsy is how easy she made it. In less than an hour she had identified my "type" (I'm earth) and I was able to see it too. As an energy worker I loved that her work seeks to match my physical image energetically with who I am. On our shopping trip I was a bit apprehensive. I usually only shop on holiday for souvenir pieces and while I'm good at identifying what doesn't work, I'm not great at knowing what does. That's where Patsy came in- she handed me tons of items that she knew would work for me and she was right every time- even those moments when I was going no way in my head! It was super fun and I love that getting great prices is an important part of the process. If you are ready to feel great EVERY day and have a wardrobe that you will love, give Patsy a call. You will LOVE her and her work. Thanks Patsy xxxx" ~ Mary O’Dwyer

Have you ever felt invisible?

We can change that if you want to know more how that can happen for you!



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