Podcast Interview It Matters What Colors You Wear

Did you know that the colors you wear can impact your business, your confidence, your love life, and your bottom line?

I love sharing why this is true, and helping men and women choose the right palette and style to authentically represent who they are.

In a recent Pract-ad-goal podcast episode, Heather Holloway spoke with me about...


Defining fashion as the key to gaining confidence

  • Patsy doesn’t see fashion as a size, an age, a brand name or a price tag
  • Fashion is what makes you confident and approachable when you feel good
  • No matter how someone lives, Patsy wants them to feel beautiful


The four elements as natural gifts and traits

  • Air are the visionaries who have ideas.
  • Water are the detail people who like process and order
  • Fire want to get in and get stuff done, make it happen
  • Earth are the editors who stand back, see what’s missing and finish things
  • We use all of the elements in our lives but have one core element that defines us


Why Patsy is now doing Free Group Style Power Hours

  • She’s holding free style sessions every Wednesday this month at 5
  • Her goal is to help women feel like they can invest in themselves and feel confident
  • When you discover your look and wear your colors, people will have an easier time connecting with and learning from you, allowing you to be a gift to the world


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Listen to the full podcast episode here.