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Three Simple Secrets to Looking Great Every Day and on Zoom


Facebook Interview on

Employee to Entrepreneur Society with Kim Speed

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Being Authentic Is Beautiful


Fashion Is A Look, Not A Size or Price Tag


LeadHERship Global -

Your Personal Style is Your Personal Brand: What You Wear Matters

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Appearances Matter

Presentation at Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel Summit - Mon, January 4, 2021


Zondra TV Interviews

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Legendary Leaders Interview


My Fire Within Radio Interview

• How to feel more confident in your clothes
• How to attract your customers to you and make more money in your business
• You will understand how what you wear impacts your business
• The simple steps you can take to step into your style that feels amazing for you
• Concrete ways to feel more confident in the zoom room
What you need to know about standing out in a crowd so you can attract the right customers to you

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Pract-ad-goal Podcast episode: What Colors You Wear Matter

Do you feel good in your clothes? Are you authentically and majestically you? Or do you have a closet full of black clothes because that's supposedly the only way to look good in business?

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I Have Nothing to Wear - Patsy Sanders Removes Closet Dread - May 2022

International Image Style Expert Helps Speaker Clients Increase Business - April 2022