Essence Savvy Shoppers Club

FALL SPECIAL EXCLUSIVELY FOR ESSENCE ELEMENTS CLIENTS who have been typed in their Element – CUSTOM Essence Savvy Seasonal Look Book in YOUR Element!

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Become a Savvy Shopper!

It takes time to transform your “look” and build your Dream Closet.

Learn to SWAP: Shop With A Purpose

Get on-going support to be a savvy shopper

Learn how to create a wardrobe you love to wear

Have fun being beautiful


Here's What You Get

Zoom Celebrate Coaching call: Last Monday at 7:30 pm PST

  • Strut your stuff and share your newest purchase
  • Tells us about a great website you use
  • Share your favorite places you find things that express your “unique” style.

Private Savvy Shoppers Facebook Group

Twice-monthly Shopping Sprees


Learn how to S.W.A.P. - Shop With A Purpose

This is a perfect time and place to fine-tune your style

Do you always look for the best worst thing you have to wear?

Do you actually wear everything in your closet?

Do you feel beautiful in what you wear?

Do you get compliments all the time (not your clothes)

Do you hate to shop?

Do you know what you need in order to complete your wardrobe?



Why Join the Savvy Shoppers Club?

Keep Patsy at your fingertips in her free mobile app!

  • Create a wardrobe you love to wear!
  • Find what you need and get the best buys ever with Patsy's expert guidance.
  • Save time and money
  • Feel more confident
  • You've already been dressing in your Element for a while. Wouldn't you love to complete your wardrobe?
  • Access to stores you may not have known were there.
  • Love EVERYTHING in your closet!
  • Get new ideas when the seasons change.

If you haven't been typed yet...

Are you wearing everything in your closet?

Most of us only wear 25% of the items in our closet.

How much have you spent on all those items you never wear?

Think of how much money you'll save by being able to specifically shop for things you need to build your wardrobe.




Regularly $149 for 3 months

Now through November 30, 2020

30 Days Free Trial, then

First 3 months for only $97

Pay quarterly

Get 3 months of Savvy Shoppers Club for just $97