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I’m also thankful to have you along with me on my newsletter journey 🙏

So to show my appreciation I have put together 3 fun, fast, and easy confidence boosts you can use right away (that actually work) 🤩 

#1. Say Nothin’

One of the most underrated strategies to boost your confidence isn’t in saying more 

It’s saying less.

You might be surprised to learn celebrities like Hilary Swank, Jennifer Lopez, and Angelina Jolie have all struggled with low self-esteem. And they’re gorgeous, talented actors.

Which means when your cousin (or aunt, or dad) hogs all the attention at Thanksgiving dinner with their anecdotes and jokes, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have the confidence that you feel you lack.

They may have tons of confidence, but they also could be covering up their own lack of confidence with an act.

So it’s better not to assume that talking and being the center of attention equals confidence. 

Which means being quiet doesn’t equal a lack of confidence.

It just means you don’t feel the need to attract attention to yourself.

In other words, you don’t need others to validate you. 

You’re sending a non-verbal message that you’re good just hanging out, being you. 

Now we’ve got that out of the way…

Ever been to an outing with a gang of friends and someone turns up with a partner or friend who just hangs out, all chill, but not saying much. They smile, they are listening, they are part of the group, but when you go home that night you realize that they barely said ten words.

And you probably thought: What a cool person. They didn’t need to talk, or prove themselves. They were content simply to lean back and let others hold the floor. Did you think they lacked confidence?

You possibly thought the opposite, because let’s face it, in every film, ever, it’s always the truly cool people who just sit back and watch and listen in a group.

And here’s the best part. Nothing is stopping you from being that person.

The less you say, the more you smile, the more people will react positively to you.

Bonus points: Others think you are a good listener. And everyone loves to be around someone who listens. 

So, when Aunt Mabel starts telling you about the latest shenanigans of her pet chinchilla, you need only smile and nod, and before you know it she will be patting your hand and saying complimentary things that make you feel good.

Extra, extra bonus: You won’t say something you will regret. So drink that wine, smile, enjoy the show, and let the endorphins roll.

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#2. Remind Yourself of Your (Stardusty) Awesomeness

Ha! I can hear you rolling your eyes from all the way over here. But wait… 

…I’m not talking about standing in front of a mirror and repeating an affirmation 8,000 times in a row.

Because I think telling one’s readers to do affirmations to feel better as a confidence boost is bit of a cop out.

Instead, here’s a quick, super-legit (and fun) way to reveal what motivates and drives you and makes you, you.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Google this phrase:Core Values Test / Personal Values Assessment
  2. Pick a test. Any test.
  3. Do the test.
  4. Discover a whole bunch of nice things that are absolutely true about youand who you really are (that no one can take away from you).
  5. Enjoy the endorphin buzz.
  6. Read the report as many times as you want. Bookmark it. Save it to read before bed each night. This is you. You are unique.You have gifts. And you are awesome.

Bonus science fact: “You are made of stardust.” (Thanks Carl Sagan!)

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#3. Go Eaz-e-Mode And Win

So this one is a proven method that builds confidence super quick.

It originated from those old Western movies where Pa had to teach Sonny how to use a six-shooter by aiming at a row of tomato cans lined up on a log. 

Now, I’m not advocating you go out and start actually shooting tin cans on a log to build your confidence. 

It’s an analogy. 

But it’s a good one. Here’s why:

Sonny is a little scared of the six-shooter. He knows to protect Ma and his sisters, he needs to know what to do, but Pa has always been there dealing with those matters.

Except now Pa has to go away for a few days, so it’s up to Sonny. Which means it’s time to learn. 

Pa knows confidence is the big thing Sonny needs to conquer, not perfect aim, so he starts out with the cans being so close to where his boy is standing that no matter how bad Sonny’s aim is he’s bound to hit at least one of the cans. 


Boom! Confidence.

After a few more successful pings, he moves Sonny back a few paces, and gets him to try again. 

Bolstered by his earlier successes, Sonny steps up to his new challenge and even when there are setbacks he keeps going because he knows he can do it.

Pa rinses and repeats until Sonny is a mile away and hits the target like Ben Affleck in The Accountant.

Ok I made that part up. 

The point is, if you have a challenge that you feel is too hard for you, then make it super easy.

Make it like shooting at tin cans from six paces.

Set yourself up to succeed no matter what.

And the confidence will follow. 

Then, you can make it a little more challenging.

This method works in every scenario.

Want to lift 50 lbs? Start with 50 ounces. 


You might laugh but until you try it, you won’t know how effective this is.

 Give yourself a confidence boost right now.

 Whatever it is you think is too hard or impossible for you to do… 

Simply make it kindergarten easy.

And then you’ll want more. And you’ll do more.

That’s confidence.

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Today and everyday.

Get yours now 😍



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